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The Franke Kubus Sinks are the latest generation of sink design combining modern straight edges with tight corners. Not as angular as the box designs, the Kubus sink keeps the contemporary looks with the practical to clean corners, making them a popular choice.

Kubus sinks come in three materials - glass, stainless steel and Fragranite (granite). The majority of the Kubus sink range are undermounted apart from the glass sinks that in the worktop.

All Kubus sinks come with the Franke 50 year guarantee.

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Kubus SB With Handle Strainer Bowl

Franke  Strainer Bowl

Prices from £-1

Kubus FPB Food Preparation Board

Franke  Food Preparation Board

Price: £48

Kubus KBX160 45-20 Sink

Franke  Sink
One + Half Bowls

Prices from £418

Kubus KBG160 Sink

Franke  Sink
One + Half Bowls

Prices from £-1

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